Container Centralen is persistent in fighting misuse

Container Centralen is persistent in fighting misuse

Container Centralen is the developer and owner of the CC Pool system. The original CC Container is a high quality asset, which enables an affordable and sustainable pool operation. Unfortunately, counterfeit products are added to the pool resulting in a deterioration of quality.  

In 2001, the intellectual property of Container Centralen (CC) was found to have been infringed by Trocobel NV The infringement involved the illegal counterfeiting of the CC metal plate and CC tag which are attached to CC Containers to confirm their authenticity.   

In 2009, there was a final judgment against Trocobel NV as well as its affiliates, as a result of which CC was awarded EUR 1.7 million compensation by a Belgian court for damages suffered,  

In 2011, a judgment also upheld this ruling on appeal.  

Now in 2023 after 13 court rulings, CC has been able to collect a substantial amount of the aforementioned damages after seizing several bank accounts of the condemned party. Twenty two years of persistence is sometimes necessary! 

CC’s policy is to fight all infringement of its Intellectual Property Rights and where possible to find out which parties are initiating and enabling infringement. CC currently has a number of legal cases pending to obtain compensation from those circulating illegal tags and metal plates.  

Circulating fake metal plates and/or fake tags leads to an increase in CC’s repair costs, which impacts pool fee levels. This is because users of illegal tags use the CC repair and maintenance system but do not contribute pool fee in an equal manner.   

A future-proof CC pool  

In the coming period, CC will take several initiatives to further strengthen the CC Pool. In doing so, CC will focus on further improving the quality of its products and on sharing the burden fairly among the pool participants. 

Still have questions? If so, please contact our Customer Service Department on: +44 (0)1322 294267. They will be happy to help you further.​ 

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