Eco-Friendly Milestone: Introducing Intermodal Transport

We would like to announce the introduction of intermodal transport for our route from Lüllingen to Albenga.
This strategic step marks a significant advancement in our dedication to sustainability and operational efficiency.

What does intermodal transport mean for us? It has revolutionized the way we move goods between Lüllingen and Albenga.
By cleverly combining multiple modes of transportation, such as rail and road, we have achieved remarkable results.
Most notably, we have successfully reduced CO2 emissions by a staggering 70%, significantly lowering our environmental impact.

The success of intermodal transport on the Lüllingen-Albenga route has inspired us to push further.
Our dedicated transport team is actively exploring other possibilities within our network. We aim to discover where intermodal transport can be applied to achieve the same remarkable outcomes.
Our goal is to extend the environmental benefits to even more destinations and further reduce our ecological footprint.

Embracing intermodal transport demonstrates our determination to lead the way towards a more sustainable future.
We strive to optimize our operations and provide eco-friendly solutions for our transportation needs.

Intermodal transport

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