• Changed depot procedure

      Updated procedure return of CC Containers In order to support the efficient flow of your products and following requests from our customers, Container Centralen have...

    • Blockchain in Logistics

      How can we achieve improved reuse of freight packaging in a world devoid of incentives and transparency? That is one of the questions teams will...

    • Depot update

      On this page you’ll find updated information about all our depots around Europe due to coronavirus. BENELUX: Normal working hours and procedures. GERMANY: Wendelstein Sotraprint...

    • Statement Covid-19

      Availability of CC material CC has prepared for the 2020 season well before Covid-19 was detected. We were able to ship our ordered Reusable Transport...

    • Proud to be a Jedi; towards a circular economy for freight packaging

      How do we ensure better reuse of freight packaging in a world currently without incentives and transparency? This is one of the challenges set at...

    • Ready for 2020

      Ready for 2020 With the new season approaching we want to make sure you have everything in place, please see below a small checklist.   ...

    What do we do?

    Pooling is the shared use of equipment. By participating in the CC Pool you share standardized Reusable Transport Items with other companies. Sharing saves money and makes your logistics more efficient. It starts with understanding your business and the areas you would like to improve. Through a project management approach, we will work closely with you to implement the best solution for your business.

    Progress of removing black labels

    As of November 1, 2019, Container Centralen has determined that 15% of all CC Container bases still contain a black label. Container Centralen has decided to reduce this percentage to 10% before 01-01-2021. This means Container Centralen has to remove 200,000 black labels.

    You can follow the progress here ⇨


    Our products

    Our services apply to any type of reusable transport item, i.e. a crate, container or other load carrier. In addition, we offer a range of solutions to help customers to optimise their supply chain. We use smart technology like RFID to help optimise the performance of a pool and we tailor pool management solution to fit your needs.

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