Pool Management Services

What is a CC Pool?

Container Centralen (CC) Pool Management Services are dedicated logistics solutions that can be tailor-made for all retailer supply chains.  Pool Management means a fully managed logistics solution where CC provide a pool of containers (or we manage the existing supplier/retailer containers) solely for use in a retailers supply chain. CC work closely with suppliers, issuing containers to meet their forecast, then we work with the retailer to recover the empty containers when they exit their network. In essence Pool Management is a 360 degree container solution. CC’s role is to provide a solution that focuses purely on the container asset, monitoring movements and using data to optimise performance. This role enables suppliers to concentrate on growing product and retailers to concentrate on maximising sales.


How does it work ?

A primary focus of the service is loss reduction and loss prevention. In addition, other benefits of the service are:

  • Your containers are always monitored
  • Your empty containers get picked-up as quickly as possible
  • You save valuable time, which you can devote to your products and customers.

Managed pools are becoming increasingly popular as more retailers look to switch to the flexibility and benefits they offer, both for themselves and their suppliers.

Maintaining a depot network across Europe

Over 2 million asset movements managed with Eu retailers

Instant repair of transport items

Key elements of Pool Management

  • Availability Management
  • Balance Management
  • Logistics Services – storage, handling and return transport
  • Track and Trace Technology (RFID)
  • Performance Management – KPI backed optimisation
  • Account Management

One Way Service

A One Way Service is a fully managed CC Container solution, no rental contracts are required by the retailer or supplier. CC provide the containers and manage the hand out’s with the suppliers and manage the container returns with the retailer. A 360 degree hassle free container solution, enabling the suppliers to concentrate on growing plants and the retailers to focus on selling products.

It starts with the supplier forecasts, CC plan the container hand out’s with the suppliers and work closely with them on their demand and their container balances. The suppliers ship the plants to the retailer and off-hire the quantities with CC. The suppliers involvement with the shipped containers stops here, they do not have to worry about getting the containers back or spend time managing container balances with the retailer. CC work with the retailer and their returns process to collect the empty containers and make them available to be used by the suppliers again. This completes the container rotation from CC depot to supplier, to retailer, and back to CC again.

Reach our Customer Service and find out more about our CC Collections Service or CC One Way Service.

CC Container and grower

Collection Service

Would you rather manage your own CC Containers, but leave the return of your empty containers to CC? If so you can use the CC Collection Service. With the CC Collection Service you can leave the daily hassle of returning empty containers to us! Once your products have reached their destination, CC takes responsibility for collecting your empty containers from your customer, transporting them to the nearest CC depot and crediting the balance to your CC account. You can collect the balance from the CC depot or we can offer the CC Transfer Service to move the balance to a CC Depot of your choice.