CC en duurzaamheid

Hergebruik, dat is waar het om draait bij Container Centralen. Returnable Transport Items (RTI’s), ook wel Reusable Transport Items genaamd, staan aan de basis van een duurzame logistiek.

De Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen van de Verenigde Naties, moeten een eind maken aan armoede, ongelijkheid en klimaatverandering. Er zijn 17 doelen opgesteld. De kernactiviteiten van CC dragen bij aan doel 9 en 12. Voor de eigen bedrijfsvoering streeft CC doel 10 na.

Ensuring that all logistics flows are efficient and making use of Container Centralen’s European depot network means many kilometres are saved. Lorries can be loaded more efficiently because the cargo carriers are stackable or ‘nestable’. This, in turn, reduces pressure on the infrastructure.
Efficient transport of foodstuffs which are packed in the right way prevents food waste in supply chains. Carriers are reused then recycled at the end of their useful life. If there are any wooden elements that cannot be recycled, new trees are planted to compensate. In the Netherlands, CC supports the Food Bank (Voedselbank), with an app for registering carriers.
CC focuses on creating and sustaining a diverse bank of employees. When working with foreign suppliers, we always take a critical look at the working conditions. Any issues are always raised and discussed.

Hackaton: challenges of the 21st century

In the fourth edition of the Odyssey Hackathon in The Netherlands, teams will work on solutions to create a truly circular economy for freight packaging, or reusable transport items. The challenge is closely connected with UN sustainability goal 12: responsible consumption and production. As Container Centralen faces this challenge every day, we are connected to this event as experts, the so called ‘Jedi’s’.

"We have a sustainable foundation"

André van Brummen, Chief Operations officer, tells more about Container Centralen as a sustainable foundation, the Supply Chain and promoting good causes.


Customer case: Celieplant/Bouquetnet

“CC is an essential understanding from the flower an plantworld: we also use the Danish Container. It makes your transport efficient and you have no waste.

Tested for multiple usage

Reusable carriers must last a long time; robust design and great quality are therefore vital. The wooden shelves on the CC Container, for use in the ornamental plant sector, are tested thoroughly at three points. (Video in English).