Repair quota year

Improving the quality of the CC shelves pool​

The quota percentage on CC Container shelves for the Repair Quota Year 2021/2022 (1 March 2021 – 28 Februari 2022) is 20%. This means that if you have 100 shelves under contract for a full year, the repair of 20 shelves is included in our service.

The repair quota year for pool fee contracts runs from 1st March until the end of February. For the Fixed Term Hire (year hire and seasonal hire) contracts the quota is valid for the contract period.

How to calculate the number of shelves you can send in for repair

Repair quota (20%) multiplied by the number of shelves for which you have the contract divided by the duration of the contract (max. 1 year).

Example of how the repair quota works

What is a repair quota?

The repair quota is the percentage of the number of shelves in your contract that you can hand in for repair in a year. The repair quota year runs from 1st March until the end of February.

Why a repair quota?

In the CC Pool there are more bases and shelves circulating than pool fee is paid for. For bases, we have introduced the new label CC TAG5 to overcome this. For shelves, a label is not feasible so we introduced the repair quota in 2018. The goal is the same: by sharing costs fairly between pool participants we make the CC Pool future proof.

Future-proof pool

We all benefit from a strong pool of CC shelves, which functions well, are easily accessible and have all the features needed to support the horticulture supply chain. The repair quota helps improve the quality of the pool.

Videos and practical information

How much repair quota do I have left?

In LogLink you can see the number of items you can still send in for repair in the current quota year. This way you can check if you have to take additional measures. If you don’t have a LogLink account, please contact our Customer Service Desk.

If you want to send in more shelves for repair than covered by our service, you have two options:


Repair Quota - Video explanation (EN)

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