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The European flower and pot plant trolley

Container Centralen (CC) has been the developer of the original Danish container for over 40 years. The Danish container is specially designed to support you while transporting your flowers and plants. Besides the Danisch CC Container, we also offer a more flexible option for lower volumes, the CC Halfcontainer. Our containers are designed for retail purposes and can be used at different times of the year to support plant sales and help reduce waste. If you want to use our containers for retail purposes, we recommend our CC Eurocontainer.

CC Container

If you are looking for a transport container that is specially designed for transporting plants and flower, then the CC Container will meet your expectations. Currently, it serves as the standard roll container in ornamental plant cultivation. Throughout the chain, the CC Container can be exchanged administratively or physically. This reduces the total need for CC Containers in the chain.

Curious to know how the stacking and sorting of a CC Container is done?

CC Eurocontainer

The CC Eurocontainer is designed for transporting plants and flowers from growers to retailers. Because of its light construction, round corners and small size, the CC Eurocontainer is ideal as a shop display. It is available in different sizes (110 mm posts and 170 mm posts) and can be easily re-stacked, that will save you transport costs. 

Curious how the stacking and sorting of a CC Eurocontainer works?

CC Halfcontainer

Is the CC container too big for the volume of plants and flowers you want to transport? Our CC Halfcontainer is conveniently sized to meet varying demands in volumes of flowers and plants. The CC Halfcontainer is part of the CC pool and is provided with a purple tag to track the container. The CC Halfcontainer can be re-stacked as well. 

Curious how the stacking and sorting of CC Halfcontainer is done?