CC Container

The European flower and pot plant trolley

The CC Container is designed especially (but not exclusively) to carry pot plants and flowers. In the supply chain loaded CC Containers can be exchanged with empty ones and vice versa. This exchanging of CC Containers helps reduce the quantities needed in the supply chain. 

  • An extensive CC Depot network provides availability of the CC Container where they are needed.
  • The CC Container offers a flexible shelf solution, you decide the number of shelves and their position. 
  • Products only need to be loaded once because the CC Container is also a flexible retail display unit. 
  • Designed to be kept outside. Made from hot dip galvanized steel to ensure protection from corrosion.


  • 1350 mm x 565 mm x 1900 mm
  • Base: 20.4 kg
  • Base + 4 corner posts: 34.2 kg
  • Corner Post: 3.45 kg
  • Shelf: 6.5 kg
  • Total: 450 kg UDL* Each Shelf: 60 kg UDL*

Label (CC TAG5) and metal plate

CC Containers that are a legitimate part of the CC Pool are marked with a CC metal plate and a CC TAG5 on the base. There are different types of metal plates in circulation, always with a CC mark.

CC TAG5 CC Container
Customer in garden centre looking at flowers at CC Container
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