Scanning of CC labels

Increase the quality of the CC pool

The CC TAG5 label on the CC Container is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip which can be read with an RFID scanner. When scanning the label you can check if it’s a genuine CCTAG5 and you can use the scan results for administration purposes. It’s our mutual responsibility to keep the CC Pool free from fake labels. The scanners that CC recommend for checking the authenticity of labels are very simple to use. Scanning prevents fake labels from coming in and going out of your supply chain and by integrating your scan results with sales orders, this can protect you from disputes with customers.

Select your RFID scanner

Container Centralen has selected the services of scanning experts Lyngsoe Systems A/S to advise on the delivery of new generation RFID scanners that work with the CC4scanner App. The CC4Scanner App is already pre-installed in scanners purchased from Lyngsoe Systems, the app is not available for download elsewhere. Lyngsoe Systems A/S provides full support, from choosing the right scanner through to installation and after-sales support via their service packages. Here is a link to their webshop and in case of extra support the service desk number of Lynsgoe +45 7028 7029 * (Nordic HH85, Speeddata SD55). 

* Once you call Lyngsoe, you will be taken to a general menu for all Lyngsoe users. To be assisted properly, chose option 6. You will get someone on the line who will guide you through Lyngsoe’s website and be able to answer your questions.

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Analyses showed these devices performed best, based on certain criteria, speed, ease of use, accuracy, battery life and value. New devices coming on the market might be added in the future.

Software updates will happen automatically when the scanner is connected to WIFI and the user is logged in.

No, but the device needs to connect to WIFI on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance.

Please check the technical specification of the scanner for full information, however the battery life will support a standard working day.

We are unable to advise on this because it depends on the size of your operation and your day to day processes. Please call CC if you would like to discuss further.

The SD55 is a mobile phone which can also scan RFID labels. The HH85 is a more robust scanner suitable for a busy warehouse environment. Please see the technical details for the scanners on this website.

Yes. This device recognizes the CC Tag but the CC4scanner app cannot be installed on this device, so you are not able to visually see scans, count or share data.

Please note that after 31 December 2021 Feig will no longer supply GSEcco scanners. There will also be no service offered on the scanners present in the market from that date. For questions please visit or the website or phone +49 6471 3109-0

Results should be the same if the scanning method is performed in the correct way with the selected devices.

The close read mode can help with this. Broken CC labels can still show a small signal which leads to a scanner beep, fakes do not react at all so there is no scanner beep. Badly damaged tags may not signal even if they are genuine, but you can see that they are heavy damaged. These tags can be sent to CC for testing and if they are genuine, we will replace them free of charge.

The CC4 Scanner App is already pre-installed on the SD55 and HH85 devices purchased through our partner Lyngsoe Systems A/S.

The app only works on a mobile phone which has RFID scanner software. Barcode or QR Code scanner options on your phone will not scan the RFID tag.

No, the basic App is free of charge.

The CC4scanner app has one to three pre-set scanning modes, depending on the device, each having settings to support an optimal scan performance. The App also counts scanned tags, and you can Share data with trading partners. For further details watch our video tutorial on our page: 

The main difference is the power with which the scanner works to read the RFID chip. The more power, the faster you can work, but the risk of cross reads (picking up other tags close by) increases as well. The lower the power the closer you need to hold the scanner against the tag (kissing the tag). 

Yes, CC will work on getting more functionality in the app using customer feedback.

Updates will be done automatically if you are logged in and the device is connected to WIFI or phone network.

Standard formats are available to export the scan data into your system; For further details watch our video tutorial on our page: If you would like to see another format then please mention to CC.

Please register a request with the us/ supplier. CC gets all requests and will create a new function if there is wider demand among our customers.

In principle yes, but the app needs to learn ‘how to talk’ to that specific type of RFID reader. Such a request can be made through a Service desk ticket with the scanner supplier.

Login to the website of the scanner supplier and register a service ticket

To authenticate a CCTAG5 label on the highest level you need to use the CC4scanner app, but the RFID handhelds can also be used to read with and without the app any RFID label, or without the app the QR code or barcode on products in your operation.

Please contact your scanner supplier Lyngsoe via tel nr 0045 96 98 09 80 (Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00) or you can register a ticket on their website.

Yes, the RFID number, the scan date and the location where the scan took place is shared with Container Centralen.

Lyngsoe A/S can see if the device is in use and at what location the device was last used, however we do not have the authority to police these instances

The standard period is 18 months of unlimited service, which is included in the pricing of the device. If you want to increase the period to 3 years then you can purchase an additional 18 months. Customer Service contact: +45 7028 7029.

Once you call Lyngsoe, you will be taken to a general menu for all Lyngsoe users. To be assisted properly, chose option 6. You will get someone on the line who will guide you through Lyngsoe’s website and be able to answer your questions.

What is covered in the Service Support package? Visit Lingsoe A/S web shop:

Please click on the ‘eye’ button behind ‘Service’ on your scanner device and you can view the service content.

Click here to read more about the data and protection statement

Yes: The scanner performs the best if the device is right-angled to the CCTag5. In general, there are 2 ways of scanning for the best results, the user selects the best way for him/her. Scanning with a horizontal positioned mobile device and scanning with a vertical positioned mobile device: have a look to our video tutorial: