Scanning of CC labels

The CC TAG5 labels of the CC Containers are fitted with RFID (radio frequency identification) antennas which can be read with an RFID scanner. By scanning the labels, you can check if the label is genuine. If preferred, you can also use the scans for administrative purposes.

Buying a scanner

Container Centralen does not sell scanners and has no set partnerships with suppliers. We recommend comparing prices and features at different suppliers in order to choose a device that fits the needs of your company. Please note that price levels of RFID scanners are depending on the security you get on authentication of the labels. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper the scanner, the lower the level of authentication.

Starting with scanning

Let your suppliers, transporter and customers know that you scan incoming containers. Containers with fake labels will not be accepted as CC Containers and/or this will lead to additional costs not included in your rates. This will help as a preventive measure.

What to do when finding a fake label?

It is recommended to scan a container as soon as it is delivered to you. If you discover a non-readable label or a missing label, put the container aside and contact your supplier. There are several ways to solve the issue, you can decide:


  • Not to accept the delivery and send the base back to the supplier, or
  • Invoice the supplier for a lost CC TAG5 label and add a new label to the base, or
  • Register the base as a non-CC (dc)container, or
  • Ask for a replacement CC Container.

In case of a non-readable label the container can’t be used as a CC Container anymore. Please send the non-readable label to CC for investigation if it is a broken original label or a fake label. For broken labels CC will return a new label, fakes are not compensated. Riscon Arnhem B.V., an independent private investigator, has been asked by Container Centralen to work the case. Riscon would like to receive tips (if so desired, anonymously) via telephone number +31 (0)318 6666 44. For tips which lead to results, a reward of up to €30,000 has been made available.

Keeping up to date

• Scanner: please follow the advice of your scanner supplier and install their regular firmware updates.


Replacement label 2020

The cost of a replacement CC TAG5 label, for either a fake or a lost label, is € 13,26 (2020).
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