Scanner information for companies currently using RFID scanners

The CC TAG5 is fitted with an RFID chip and a data matrix.

  • The RFID chip and data matrix can both be used to identify individual containers.
  • Verifying if the label is genuine and not a counterfeit (authentication) can only be done by reading the RFID chip.
Young plants on CC Containers at a grower

Reading the data matrix

Reading the RFID chip

Scanning the data matrix with a mobile phone

The data matrix can be read with a mobile phone and used to identify an individual container. This can be helpful in streamlining your business processes, for example by ‘marrying’ the container with the products that are on it, in order to keep track of the products in the logistics process.

Scanning the RFID chip

The RFID chip can be read with a scanner. In this way you can identify an individual container and you can check if the label is genuine.

New way of authentication with the RFID chip

The way of checking the chip has been changed. With the old red label the individual number of the chip read by the scanner was sent to a central database. If the number was in the database, an ‘ok’ signal was sent back. Depending on the connection, this could take up to several seconds per label. It was also possible to have the database downloaded in to the scanner; this helped the performance but the information got outdated over time.

Now the scanner has to be fitted with an encryption key. The check to see if the label is genuine will be performed by the scanner itself. This means the scans can be performed a lot quicker as no connection with a database is needed, but it also means the scanners need to have the encryption key.

Authentication of the label, old and new way

Supplier information

Updates and changes should be arranged with your scanner supplier. Information we received from scanner suppliers are listed below. Please note: PanMobil and Nordic are not part of Container Centralen. CC does do not promote their services and CC does not offer any technical support with regard to the hardware or software they provide. We advise customers to do their due diligence if choosing a scanning partner; there may be other providers available. 


  • For PanMobil, now known as FEIG, scanners of the type GSEcco can be updated. To arrange this, please contact the FEIG helpdesk at: +49 22 03 10 33 47 77
  • If you have another type of scanner from PanMobil/FEIG, this can unfortunately not be updated. If you decide to obtain a new scanner at FEIG, they will offer you a 50% discount if you hand in your current scanners. More information: website PanMobil/FEIG.

Nordic ID

  • Scanners with serial number* equal or greater than K140217515 (Morphic/HTB devices) or L134836081 (Merlin/HTE devices) can be updated. You will need to have the scanner connected to the internet at least one time before 1st January 2019 to enable a synchronization. The model type can be found on the scanner.
  • Scanners with older model types unfortunately can’t be updated. If you decide to obtain a new scanner from Nordic ID, please contact Nordic ID. If you inform them that you will scan CC labels, your new scanners will be fitted with a pre-installed application to enable this. Nordic ID offers specially priced scanner packages with its partners.

* Serial number can be seen at Programs -> NordicID -> Version

Contact Nordic ID:

Checking the model number of a Nordic ID scanner

Checking the model number

Other suppliers

If you use a scanner from a different company, please contact us. We will then contact the supplier to inform them about the changes in the CC label.

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