Scanning of CC labels

The CC TAG5 label on the CC Container is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip which can be read with an RFID scanner. When scanning the label you can check if it’s a genuine CCTAG5 and you can use the scan results for administration purposes.

Increase the quality of the CC pool

It’s our mutual responsibility to keep the CC Pool free from fake labels. The scanners that CC recommend for checking the authenticity of labels are very simple to use. Scanning prevents fake labels from coming in and going out of your supply chain and by integrating your scan results with sales orders, this can protect you from disputes with customers.

Select your RFID scanner

Container Centralen has selected the services of scanning experts Lyngsoe Systems A/S to advise on the delivery of new generation RFID scanners that work with the CC4scanner App. Lyngsoe Systems A/S provides full support, from choosing the right scanner through to installation and after-sales support via their service packages. Here is a link to their web shop (Nordic HH85, Speeddata SD55): Order the scanner in the webshop

CC TAG5 with metal plate

CC4scanner app

How to manage unreadable and broken labels

Close-read mode

How to scan a stack of CC bases

Replacement label 2020

The cost of a replacement CC TAG5 label, for either a fake or a lost label, is € 13,26 (2020).