CC Euro Container

The European flower and pot plant trolley

The CC Euro Container is designed to transport plants and flowers from growers right through to retailer outlets. The plants and cut flowers can be loaded at the nursery and remain untouched on the same container through all the links in the supply chain, right through to their final destination. The CC Euro Container has the perfect in-store display size. The light construction and small size makes it a perfect in-store display unit and one person can simply roll it in to position, no lifting equipment is needed.

There are two versions of the CC Euro Container. A version with 110 cm posts and a version with 170 cm posts. This makes it possible for you to transport both small and larger volumes of flowers and plants. In addition to the posts, the CC Euro Container also consists of a base and height-adjustable shelves. Because the shelves of the CC Euro Container are adjustable in height, it is possible to transport different sized flowers and plants.

  • Optimise your transport – the CC Euro Container with 110 cm post can be double stacked. 
  • Works well with mechanical handling equipment and automation, the dimensions of the container are in accordance with European standardised systems. 
  • Specifically designed for pot plants and flowers. Each shelf can carry two pot plant trays beside each other, or six buckets of cut flowers.

CC Euro Container SOP

It is possible to dismantle the CC Euro Container after delivery, this reduces storage and distribution costs. This ensures return vehicles can be optimally loaded. Our standard operating procedure (SOP) are step-by-step instructions to help out with routine operations. With our SOPs we aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing misscommunication and failure. 


Item                                   Weight

Base                                                         14.6 kg

Corner post 1100 mm                             2.0 kg 

Corner post 1700 mm                             3.0 kg 

Shelf                                                         3.4 kg  (+/- 0.3 kg)

Uniform Distributed Load

Total: 400 kg UDL*

Each Shelf: 125 kg UDL

*UDL= Uniformly Distributed Load