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OVATA Customer Case

Once upon a time, it all began with one small boy and an even smaller shoot. More than forty years later, one of Container Centralen’s most loyal customers is thriving. OVATA in Bleiswijk, in the west of Holland, benefits from the renewed popularity of succulents. And the company operates in an innovative and sustainable way.

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Every day, a person makes around 30,000 choices. From what to eat for breakfast to which telephone to buy and where to do your shopping. If your choices could make the world a better place and give a child the chance of a better life, without having to compromise on quality or user-friendliness, why would you do anything else?

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Farplants Group

If there is one country which loves all things green and blossoming, it is the United Kingdom. Fertile ground, therefore, for a supplier like Farplants. The company makes good use of Container Centralen’s products and services, such as trolleys, shelves and the data matrix code on the container tags. Operations Director Simon Hawtin explains.

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Alex Andersen

Alex Andersen Ølund A/S is one of the biggest Scandinavian transport companies for plants and flowers. The family-run business operates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and several other European countries. It’s also the main service provider for Container Centralen in Scandinavia. For many years, ‘AA’ and ‘CC’ have had a close relationship. And recently, that bond has – literally – become even closer.

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Jan Arts transport services

Of a certain age, but completely modern: Jan Arts Transport Services, in Holland’s southerly region of De Peel, celebrates its 90th birthday in 2019. At its core, it still is a truly family business. And it has happily worked with Container Centralen for some thirty years: “It all runs smoothly, so we are only in touch a few times per year, at the most. But that’s always very pleasant.”

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Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange connects the world via the language of flowers and plants. Because flowers and plants bring out the best in people; beauty, happiness, love and a zest for life. A stunning mission which, in practice, requires well-organised logistics. Huib Moor is the planner who has been responsible for the logistics processes for the past year.

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Sustainability is a ‘hot topic’ which is also on the consumer agenda. Customers are more and more demanding, while product pricing is are coming under increasing pressure. It’s a tricky combination but that didn’t stop Celieplant/Bouquetnet taking a leap towards the future a few years ago. They opted for a brand new sustainable site. Commercial director Peter Janmaat: “We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t taken that step.”

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