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Pooling solutions

Why own if you can share?

Sharing makes for an efficient use of resources, which saves costs, makes your logistics more efficient and supports a more sustainable way of working. By participating in a CC pool you share standardized Reusable Transport Items (RTI’s) with other companies within Europe.

Challenges of sharing,  preventing RTI losses: A proper organisation and administration are key to make a shared pool a success. If a pool isn’t properly managed, losses of RTI’s can become a burden. How can this problem be solved?

Customer Case: Alex Andersen

Transporter Alex Andersen connects the dots in the supply chain. They closely work together with CC. “Our core business, ever since our company was established in 1964, is transporting plants and flowers to and from various countries. In addition, we provide domestic transport within Denmark, mainly ferrying products from growers to supermarket distribution centres”

Open pool

RTI’s move freely around, without the obligation to return to its starting point. A logo or other identifier shows the item is part of the pool. Ownership lies with several parties. Container Centralen operates an open pool for the horticultural industry. Items are marked with a logo, a label, a metal plate or a combination of those identifiers.

Closed-loop pool

One party, the pool operator, owns the RTI’s and rents them out; the items return to the pool operator after one round. Container Centralen operates closed loop pools for retailers all over Europe, containing CC (Euro) Rolly’s and Dolly’s, CC Containers, Eurocontainers, crates or other transport items.

Private pool

One party, usually a retailer, buys RTI’s for its own use, or to share with its suppliers. Sharing is usually done in a closed-loop model, sometimes combined with a deposit system. Container Centralen sells transport items, like the CC rollcontainer, to be used in private pools.