Handling at a CC depot

Pool Management

What is a CC Pool?

Container Centralen (CC) Pool Management Services are dedicated to optimising your supply chain, reducing your costs and protecting the value of your investment. Our Services are tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Participating in the Pool has its advantages

As a pool participant, you don’t have to take care of maintaining or repairing transport items and you don’t need to store items you don’t need. You can transport products without repacking and you have no waste at the end of the line.

• Standardized: easy planning and exchange with partners
• Shared: no repacking, no hassle regarding ownership
• Sustainable: reusable, no waste

CC provides functional transport products at all depots

As participant in the CC Pool, you have access to CC’s depot network across Europe. CC maintains its own depots and we partner up with other players in the sector to cover as many areas as possible at easy-to-reach locations. We manage the availability of transport items throughout the network and take care of repairs. When you hand in broken items, you immediately receive a functioning item in exchange.

Videos and practical information

CC takes care of:

Key elements of a CC Pool management solution​

• Availability Management
• Balance Management
• Logistics Services – storage, handling and return transport
• Track and Trace Technology (RFID)
• Performance Management – KPI backed optimisation
• Account Management

What are your logistical challenges?

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