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Services & Solutions

40 years experience in the pool

Container Centralen (CC) has been the developer and owner of the CC pool system for more than 40 years. The CC pool system is the largest Reusable Transport Item (RTI) pool system in Europe. Our goal is to optimize your supply chain by making your products move more efficiently. Our RTIs can be used in different ways in different pools. Our CC pool system is suitable for retailers, consumers and suppliers. We offer all kinds of tailor-made solutions that fits your supply chain.

Pool Management Services

CC Pool Management Services are dedicated logistics solutions that can be tailor-made for all retailer supply chains. Pool Management means a fully managed logistics solution where CC provide a pool of containers (or we manage the existing supplier/retailer containers) solely for use in a retailers supply chain. 

Within Pool Management Services, we offer our CC Collection Service or our CC One-Way Service. With the CC Collection Service you can leave the daily hassle of returning empty containers to us! A One Way Service is a fully managed CC Container solution, no rental contracts are required by the retailer or supplier. CC provide the containers and manage the hand out’s with the suppliers and manage the container returns with the retailer. 

We support the logistical operations of more than 23,000 customers.

We support you in more than 40 countries around the world.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the horticultural supply chain.

Pooling solutions

Why own if you can share? CC offers different kind of pooling solutions that matches your supply chain. CC operates an open pool, closed-loop pool and a private pool. 

In the open pool RTI’s move freely around, without the obligation to return to its starting point. The ownership lies with serveral parties. The closed-loop pool has a pool operate that owns the RTI’s and rents them out. All items return to the pool operator after one round. In a private pool RTI’s are bought by one party to shart with its suppliers. Sharing is usually done in a closed-loop model, sometimes combined with a deposit system.

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Rental solutions

CC’s offers both short and long term hire solutions, this gives our customers the flexibility to choose an option that aligns best with their business needs.

You can hire 3 types of trolleys. Our CC Container, CC Halfcontainer or CC Eurocontainer. Our RTI’s can be restacked, which increases the number of empty items you can fit on to a vehicle. At the end this reduces CO2 emissions and your transport costs.