Our South team in the spotlight!

Our South team in the spotlight!

Our Spanish market is supported by (f.l.t.r.) Sales Manager Marco, Account Coordinators Coral and Valentina and Key Account manager Florencia. Every day they do everything to support the Spanish speaking market. We spoke with the team about how they do this every day with a lot of passion and dedication.

1. What is your function and what are your daily hussels?

Marco: We are dedicated to help our customers with best solutions within flower distribution. My focus is listening to customers needs and wishes in order to find the right service solutions. Several customers are operating on the international scene and it is a pleasure to support their businesses with our team who can operate in local languages. 

Florencia: My daily hussels are to listen and watch what is going on in the market, nurture relationships and search for new opportunities based on the market need. 

Coral and Valentina: As Account Coordinator at Container Centralen, our main functions and tasks are to serve the customer from the first line. Always advise and guide them, according to the needs of their business. And for this to be possible in a professional way, we strengthen the relationship with our team daily. We are the link between the customer and the rest of the Container Centralen team.

2. What makes working in CC so enjoyable?

Marco: It’s beautiful to build our business on optimizing customers supply chains making they horticultural industry more sustainable. It’ makes so much sense to facilitate a common pool which makes it possible to reduce transports and therefore also reduce CO2 emissions. 

Coral: The most enjoyable thing about working here is the family feeling, we are all part of a connected team working together to make it all possible. You feel confident that you can discuss any issue with your colleagues. And you know that together you will find an alternative. This is a very good thing in a company.

3. How do you personally ensure good cooperation within the Iberica team?

Marco: We have a great team that covers Spain, Portugal and Italy. We are in daily contact with each other. We build solutions together and we also have a lot of fun. 

Florencia: Empathy is the key word! We have a great personal connection which makes very easy the professional collaboration. We share, we communicate, we laugh a lot,  we are a team! 

Valentina: By giving my total availability and professionalism, the team’s objective is the same for everyone, so it is best to get there as harmoniously as possible, and this is very easy because there is a very good synergy with my colleagues. 

4. What qualities of your team(s) do you value?

Marco: We are so dedicated to help our customers so it actually also brings us together as a team 

Coral: I feel very fortunate to be able to say that my team has many important and positive values. They are respectful, attentive, welcoming, participative, flexible and they always try to keep a good vibe. I’m surrounded by great professionals. 

Valentina: I really appreciate the respect for each other and mutual availability, also the competence and knowledge that Sales colleagues pass on to us and generously teach us for our professional growth. Then with our new colleague Coral we are really happy. 

5. What motivates you every day?

Marco: Personally I really enjoy working in a very international environment with great colleagues and customers 

Florencia: Every day is a good day to learn something new!  

Coral: What motivates me daily is to try to learn to improve my skills, for me it is important in a job to feel that there is an exchange, you offer your time and energy in exchange for experience and knowledge. For me it is important to grow professionally and personally a little bit every day. 

 Valentina: Motivates me to do my best, plus work in a peaceful environment. 

6. What have you learned from working from home?

Marco: Even before the lock down many of us were used to remote working. Working from home made us experts in using communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We also got used to facilitate video calls with customers and we actually realized that travelling to meet in person is not always necessary.  

Coral: From working from home I have learned that if you are given enough tools and have built a good communication channel with your team, you can be equally or more efficient in your daily work. Because you gain in quality of life, you save transport time and if you are lucky enough to have your own space, you can really concentrate 100% on your tasks. 

7. What is your team’s achievement that you are proud of?

Marco: I’m very proud of the team where every single member is ready to make a difference for our customers. I’m also very happy to experience the trust our customers are showing us. 

Florencia: The open communication within the team, the joint effort to make it happen!  

Coral: What makes me feel most proud of my team is when some of our customer thank us and congratulate us for the service we provide. And this is only possible if the team really works in harmony. 

Valentina: Meeting our customers at fairs and seeing them happy with our work, is the best reward, it’s a great feeling. 

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