CC TAG5 with metal plate


Why a label?

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool. The label shows the container is a legitimate part of the pool. With a label, individual containers can be identified. This helps to keep the system fair to all users.

  • Returning RFID labels: CC Containers that are a legitimate part of the CC Pool are marked with a CC metal plate and a CC TAG5 label on the base.
  • Maybe old labels be removed? The black labels and the old green label may be removed. The red label contains the repair information of the base, hence this label will be removed at the depots by CC.
  • Why a new label? CC welcomes new containers and shelves that are in accordance with CC specifications on quality when they enter the pool. The tags you receive from us will be registered to your company. How to mount the label?

Exchange of broken labels in 3 steps

Damaged, original CC TAG5 labels can be exchanged.
When ending a contract, CC TAG5 labels need to be returned.

Videos and practical information

How to mount the CC TAG5

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CC TAG5: click it 4 times!