We use CC Services to simplify our horticulture supply chain
David Fryer, Tesco UK What we can do for you
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Save costs, time and hassle
Reliable, scalable process
Custom services to optimize your business

Load, ship, and sell seamlessly

Load, ship, and sell seamlessly

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When everyone in the pool uses the same size containers, crates, and other returnable load carriers,
you don’t need to repack and restack each time you send to a different customer.
Just load and send in a stream of seamless operations, choosing from a range of products to meet different needs.

The containers you need where you need them

Using our international CC Depot network, you can match supply and demand within and between countries
by returning empty CC transport items to one CC Depot,
and collecting the corresponding or required number of CC items at another.

A high quality container for your high quality products

Our containers, trolleys, rolling pallets, crates and other products are the strongest returnable transport items you can get.
This means they provide more protection.
And should one be damaged we will supply a fully functioning replacement right away.

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