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Press release

Successes in fight against false labels

March 2019, fake CC TAG5 labels have been discovered in the market. CC and its investigation agency Riscon have received many tips following our announcement we will be taking action on false labels. This has led to several legal proceedings. Search and seizures have taken place in the Netherlands. In addition, various investigations are ongoing in other European countries.

Most cases involve individuals or companies that have brought fake labels into the CC Pool. Buying or selling fake CC labels is intellectual property fraud, on which these parties have been charged. Some cases have been settled, in order to achieve maximum effect without compromising the safety of the persons involved. If it comes to a conviction of persons with a contract with Container Centralen, these contracts will be terminated. Some informants who have made concrete contributions to the investigations will receive a reward, as promised by Container Centralen.

We were able to achieve these initial successes, due to the increase in scanning by users in the market and by acting jointly with market parties against false labels. We need to continue to work together to prevent fraud on CC labels and to ultimately protect the CC pool. Container Centralen continues to take action against parties against whom sufficient evidence has been gathered regarding the production, purchase or sale of false CC TAG5s.


Wilfully mounting a false label or offering containers with false labels is a crime. That is why we emphasize to our customers the importance of being aware as users of CC Containers. Please be aware if you want to increase your contract quantities then this is something that needs to be arranged through CC. This also applies for contract transfers, where you are receiving CC assets from another party, CC needs to manage this activity to ensure a risk free transaction. 

Why are fake labels a problem?

CC Containers are used jointly by all participants within the CC pool. The costs for the entire system are distributed to all members via the pool fee. The CC TAG5 shows that a pool fee has been paid for a certain container and that the trolley is therefore a legitimate part of the pool. Counterfeits of the CC TAG5 disrupt the distribution of costs and are therefore a problem to all of us.

Please contact Riscon Arnhem B.V. with any information on counterfeit CC labels:

  • Tel  +31 (0)318 6666 44 – 7 days a week, including evening hours.
  • For information which leads to results, a reward of up to €30,000 has been made available.
  • Languages spoken: English, Dutch, German and French.
  • If so desired, you can remain anonymous.

The Dutch Justice Department has provided Riscon Arnhem B.V. with the following licenses (names in Dutch): Particulier Onderzoeksbureau POB 591, Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisatie ND 1320. In 2013 Riscon acquired the BPOB certification (from the Private Investigators’ Trade Association).



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