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White paper: RTI losses

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Prevent hidden costs on load carriers 

Reusable Transport Items are at the heart of sustainable logistics. But the reusability falls apart when RTIs disappear – because of mismanagement, lack of control, theft or neglect. 

When this happens, retailers and their suppliers start looking for quick and often improvised ‘solutions’. In actual fact, these usually solve nothing and cost a lot of money. The facts and figures speak for themselves: in the European grocery trade, 11 per cent of reusable transport items are lost every year, “which costs the business just over 500 million euros, annually”, say Container Centralen’s Barto Cleton, Chief Commercial Officer Sales at Container Centralen. Those costs can be prevented.

Container Centralen published the White paper ‘Where are your Reusable Transport Items?’. The White paper offers professional insights and advice on how to prevent hidden costs on lost load carriers.

Download the free White paper here

White paper: Where are your Reusable Transport Items?

  • Returnable or Reusable Transport Items are an important corporate asset. 
  • Losses of RTI’s present a company with unnecessary costs. Losses are not always recognised or acknowledged.
  • Loss can be prevented!

Download the free White paper here

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