Balance Statement

You are hiring reusable transport items (RTI’s) at Container Centralen which are running in a pooling system. To get better visibility on your RTI flows we will be sending you a balance statement. In this overview you can see exactly how many RTI’s you have on credit or debit.

Explanation Balance Statement in English [PDF]


  1. The Customer shall be responsible at all times for entering the correct RTI transactions in to the CC System in a timely manner. In all cases the CC system shall be seen as proof of the actual balance, notwithstanding the Customer’s right to supply proof to the contrary, by the use of legally valid documents, for example CMR documents.
  2. The Customer is considered to agree with the RTI balance and to accept irrevocably the RTI balance unless the Customer, within 10 working days after the date of the transaction, announces substantiated and in writing the disagreement with the RTI balance. After 10 days the Customer loses their right to contest the balance.
  3. In order to maintain the integrity of the balances, the Customer shall corroborate its balance positions in the CC system when asked for a balance confirmation by CC. CC may also request the Customer conducts a count of the RTIs under its responsibility, this count must occur within four weeks of the request.
  4. CC is obliged to take care of the Customer’s RTI Balance and in case of a positive balance, make the RTI’s available upon a Customers request.