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Quality is a collective responsibility!

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Together with users and partners, we are all responsible for quality products, quality checks, and a well-functioning pool. In this context, Container Centralen is responsible for the CC pool policy, quality and pool protection. Partners such as Royal Flora Holland have responsibility for quality controls when receiving and issuing CC materials at their own locations. As user, you are responsible for checking and correctly sorting the materials.

Improved standards and checks on receipt
Improving quality standards, intensified enforcement during checks on receipt at RFH depots and the use of new CC plywood allows us all to work together on raising quality within the CC pool. We continuously work on quality improvements and raising awareness. On the basis of our long-term plan, we have realized the following results with respect to improving the quality of the CC pool.


  • Around 1.7 million plywood replaced by CC plywood.
  • Discount campaigns for buying CC shelves and introduction of own shelves into CC pool.
  • Over 200,000 black labels removed from CC containers to reduce the risk of CC TAG5 breakage.
  • We conducted 375 customer conversations about quality standards and collective responsibility.
  • Multiple pop-up depots in Europe have been created for better accessibility.
  • Extra information provided on the execution of repair quota transfer.

Delays in the development of the new scanner, means we have not yet begun to remove the red label. The scanning pilot will soon start at one of our depots.

What more can you do, as a user?
In order to make a fair contribution to collective repair costs, we advise you to register the shelves you have in use with CC. If you usually work with 4 shelves per CC Container, it is logical that you have 4 shelves under contract for each base. This means that you are also contributing towards improving the quality of the CC pool. We also advise you against buying shelves of a lesser quality.

Collective, sustainable reuse
Together with you, Container Centralen is tackling the challenge of creating a sustainable future. This means that we will take further significant steps towards making our load carriers more sustainable. This transition will be more meaningful if we collectively ensure that the quality of the current pool also increases.

If we work on this together, the world of tomorrow will look a little brighter.


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