CC introduces an improved version of the CC TAG5

As of September 1, 2022, Container Centralen is introducing an improved version of the CC TAG5. The CC TAG5 2.0 has a reinforced bow and an anti-snag button. The improved version of the tag should make it less likely to stick and therefore break. CC will not replace the current version of the labels already connected to the CC bases.*

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool. That is the reason that our CC Container bases are labeled. The label shows the container is a legitimate part of the pool and with the  label, individual containers can be identified which helps  keep the system fairer for all users.

In 2019 Container Centralen introduced the latest label, the CC TAG5, which replaced the red label. The label is attached to the hook of the CC Container and serves to identify a CC Container that is part of the CC pool and serviced by CC. The current version of the CC TAG5 has  shown that it does not function optimally in some areas, which leads to inconvenience in our customers’ operations.

*Please note! The improved version of the CC TAG5 is not a replacement for the current CC TAG. Therefore, there will be no relabeling campaign and only the CC TAG5 tags that need to be replaced will be replaced by an improved version at our Depot.

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