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Review on the introduction of the CC TAG5

Interview project leider CC TAG5

‘Giving the CC pool a future together’

A label that is strong, fits with current use in the market and can easily be scanned. Anja van der Broek, Container Centralen Project Manager, started with these requirements over one and a half years ago. The CC TAG5 has been valid since 7th January 2019 and is now a familiar sight for users of the CC Pool.

‘Users were initially surprised about the design of the label,’ says Van der Broek about the CC TAG5 with its thinner and transparent housing and the visible RFID antenna. A design that was kept secret until the very last moment. ‘The design initially led to some concern by the market because it was assumed that the label would soon break. It, however, became clear that the label could hold its own from the standard tests and tests performed under slightly more extreme conditions. This has now also been proven in practice. For that matter, the label has not been designed to be unbreakable; damage can still occur as was the case previously with the red label.’

Van der Broek looks back on this project with satisfaction. ‘No surprises and exactly in accordance with the planning. We have delivered on our promises! Customers like that.’ Sending the CC TAG5 to customers of the CC Pool was a huge logistics operation. ‘In four weeks, 20,000 packages were sent to 21,000 customers and this was accomplished without any big issues. The packages were also sent by registered mail and therefore we know exactly who has implemented which labels. In addition, customers have assisted us with the communication. Trading company Waterdrinker, for example, explained to colleagues how they should prepare for the new label. The video on the Container Centralen website with the adding instruction has also been viewed more than 7,500 times.’

The project has not yet been completed. ‘We are currently transferring the information from the red label to the CC TAG5 in the Container Centralen depots everywhere in Europe. The red label contains the repair information of the base and we want to keep this information. The old black and green labels may therefore already be removed by customers. We will remove the red labels.’

The Container Centralen project team kept a finger on the pulse continuously around 7th January with regard to feedback from the market. ‘We are still doing this. We collect all feedback and are very happy with, for example, photos that customers send us. Van der Broek has not received any comments about the fee that a customer is paid for adding the CC TAG5. ‘Except that they deem this fee reasonable. And it has definitely contributed towards the acceptance of the new label. Together, Container Centralen and its customers are giving the CC Pool a future in this way.’

You could say that the CC Pool has been ‘reset’ with the introduction of the CC TAG5 label. A fair and transparent system is involved that means, for example, that repair costs can be allocated fairly. The improved and quickly scannable RFID tag can also be used to improve business processes.

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