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DACH Team for Meet CC!

DACH Team we are a team German market


Customer Support Team: Our Account Coordinator Team for DACH Area are represented by Angela (from Germany), Kathrin (from Switzerland), Simone (from Germany) and Bastiaan (from Netherlands).

Key Account Manager DACH area: Thorsten and Benhur (from Germany)

Sales Manager Central East Europe: Timo (from Germany)

1. What do you like about your job?

Timo: “I believe that by cooperation we are able to achieve far more as we are able to achieve as an individual. For that reason, I would like to highlight one aspect which is to build long-term and trustful relationships with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders”.

Kathrin: “To be in touch with customers, especially with customers from my home country Switzerland”.

2. What experience did you bring to Container Centralen?

Benhur: “I joined CC few months ago bringing with me my experiences related Training as a forwarding agent, sales experience and business studies”.

Kathrin: “Working within many different international companies, languages and export-import education”.

3. Why did you choose for Container Centralen?

Angela:” At the time I had several offers. CC seemed to be the best choice in atmosphere and connection with the (future) colleagues. Time proved me I was right”.

Bastiaan: “Offer of a job as Account Coordinator and the requirement of speaking and writing German on a native level every day. I like having a variety of daily different tasks as Account Coordinator”.

4. What are your hobby’s outside work?

Simone: “Beach walks on the North Sea of The Netherlands 😊”

Timo: ”Meeting family and friends, fitness, traveling, snowboarding, personal development, reading”.


5. What are you proud of?

Bastiaan: “Container Centralen has reusable transport items, one standard for all customers in a pool system. This is sustainable and this achievement makes me proud”.

Timo: “I am very proud that we are making the “best out of it” as a team in these uncertain times”.

6. What makes you happy (at work)?

Kathrin: “Happy customers on the phone and talking to colleagues”.

Angela: “It’s the little things that matter. Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy, but I enjoy seeing others happy and can feed from that”.

7. How do you drink your coffee?

Simone: “Vanilla flavored cappuccino”.

Timo: “In all kinds of ways, mostly black without sugar and/or milk”.

8. What are you thought on working at home during the pandemic?

Timo: “I am missing physical meetings with my team and customers, and I am grateful for the digital tools which are allowing us to stay connected”.

Kathrin: “Working from home meant not to travel to work, which I really enjoyed. However, I don’t mind going back for a few days. It would be nice to have the option to work 50 % from home and 50 % at work”.

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