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East Team for Meet CC!

East Team marketing Sales Meet CC teamwork

EAST Europe team

Customer support team: Beata (from Poland), Edyta (from Poland), Tim (From the Netherlands)

Key Account manager: Tomasz (from Poland)

Regional manager: Timo (from Germany)

1. Can you introduce the team members and tell us how long you have been working together?  I According to Key account manager Tomasz, it feels like this team has been working together for ages. But the team has recently been “renewed” by new and experienced colleagues – Beata and Timo, that both started to work at CC about a year ago.

2. How does the Team start the working day? Tim: “We start every day with a short meeting and some chit-chat about both work and pleasure. A nice social way to start the day!”

Beata: “Because of different working day we don’t see each other every day but we always keep updated the team about business updates, tasks and then pleasure topics like Tim mentioned such as…  issues with children, cats and dogs 😊 “

Tomasz: “Each working day I am starting with a SMILE because we have the morning meetings called “Day start PL,” I see my Team and we can chat a little bit on top of business duties – this is very inspiring and giving me extra “kick off” for the rest of my day!”

3. What makes your team special?  Beata: “5 people = 3 nationalities = taking care of 9 countries [ALB, BiH, BU, CZ, HU, HR, LT, MKD, MNE, PL, RO, SI, SK, SR], isn’t it special?”

Edyta:” Even though me and Beata meet so rarely, I am positively surprised by how well we manage to communicate, using our systems and the help of our colleagues”

Timo: “A wide variety of different skill sets leading to a very strong team which is stronger than each individual”

4. Describe your team with 1 word in Polish, Dutch and German (and share the meaning please!)

Beata: “Śrubka (screw) – Each of us is a little part of one big mechanism; important to work efficient that others can cooperate and that on the end the big machine can work properly”

Edyta: “Ciągłość (continuity) – By working together we make sure that our customers get consistent service”

Tomasz: “DOJRZAŁY Zespół (Mature) – Good team, experienced, responsible, cooperating on many levels”

Tim: “Klantfocus (Customer focus) – No matter what we do, or where we are from, we do it for our customers”

Timo: “International – Different nationalities working together as one team”

5. Would you like to share some challenges with us about your work? Tomasz: “The East team has to deal with the constantly changing horticultural market, as well as the business environment and increasingly higher customer requirements, different cultures and mentality. We hope that thanks to our international background, we can meet new challenges easily.

In today’s business world, apart from high technologies, undoubtedly different life experiences of employees, talents, and temperaments, but most of all professionalism and high business culture are extremely important for the success of the entire company”

6. What do you wish to do with your team members when the pandemic is over?  Beata: “Finally see each other in real! We NEVER met each other live all together till now as a whole team, except online”.

Timo: “I think that all of us are really looking forward to seeing each other in real-life. A walk and a good dinner as mentioned by Tomasz would be a great start. Due to Corona, we were not yet able to meet physically”

Edyta: “I’d be happy with anything; I don’t care where or what we do 😊”

Tomasz: “I wish to invite all for a walk in a lovely place and have a good dinner together in the evening one day. It can be a picnic (with family members, kids, and pets) as well in a beautiful place depending on the season”

Edyta: “Please publish this so we have it in writing that Tomasz is inviting us to dinner 😊”

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