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Container Centralen steps up action against broken and false CC TAG5 labels

Container Centralen continuously improves the sustainability and future-readiness of the CC Container Pool. The company wants to ensure that all CC Pool participants find it easy and hassle free to use the materials. CC is stepping up action to reduce and prevent the use of broken and false labels. New measures include actively removing black and red labels, more extensive cooperation with scan partners in Europe, and excluding those convicted of buying or selling false labels from the CC Pool.

Removal of black and red labels
At Container Centralen we are committed to offering a quality service. We take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore, in addition to our existing measures, we have deployed a mobile removal team to accelerate the removal of black and red labels in order to reduce the likelihood of breakage. Our target for the end of 2020 is to have no more than 10% black labels. An additional 45,000 black labels have been removed since July of this year, and red labels will be removed from Q1 2020, once the data has been transferred from the red label to the CC TAG5.

Free replacement of broken original CC labels
We believe in the design of our labels and replace broken CC labels free of charge. Our free replacement service will also be more widely available, with replacement tags also being issued at CC depots and Royal FloraHolland from the beginning of 2020.

More chance of offenders being caught
Container Centralen is expanding its cooperation with strategic partners in Europe, which, like CC, scan labels on receipt to increase the chance of catching those using false labels. In consultation with these partners, we are developing and pursuing a zero tolerance policy. We have already started addressing this with Royal FloraHolland. We are intensifying our cooperation with both an external investigation agency and the Royal FloraHolland mobile control team. In the near future we will also be launching a CC app that makes it easy for everyone to scan labels. The app is part of our digitalisation process. There will be more information about this nearer the time.

Prevention and penalisation of the use of false labels
Preventing the use of false labels is a joint responsibility.
If Container Centralen finds sufficient evidence of the purchase or sale of false labels, it will prosecute. Those convicted have their contracts terminated. CC also discusses the matter with its strategic partners, who may also see fit to impose sanctions. Several legal actions are in progress. We are confident that these actions will restore the quality of the CC Pool and ensure hassle-free use of the service.

If you have questions or know who is purchasing false labels and where these false labels are being sold, please call our Customer Service Team on + 31 23 55 44 020. They will be happy to help.

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