Proud to be a Jedi; towards a circular economy for freight packaging

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How do we ensure better reuse of freight packaging in a world currently without incentives and transparency? This is one of the challenges set at the fourth edition of the Odyssey Hackathon in Groningen, the Netherlands. Container Centralen is proud to join this event as a ‘Jedi’: an expert or specialist, in our case on pooling and RTI’s, to support participating teams.

Odyssey Hackathon provides a new space to create solutions to a 21st-century challenge; 105 selected teams will work on 21 complex challenges. Jakob Mulder, Operations Manager at CC, was representing CC at the kickoff of the event. Mulder: “There is no point in driving slower on a road that goes into the wrong direction anyway – we have to completely change the direction we are going. That was the key message of guest speaker Marc Buckley, who introduced us to creating ‘Resilient Desirable Futures’.”

This sets the stage for the challenge concerning circular economy for freight packaging: create a transparent logistics protocol so anyone can localize, identify, certify, return, reuse, and repair freight packaging by incentivizing contributions by all supply chain stakeholders. Mulder: “At the breakout session where the challenge was presented, teams could ask their questions to the available experts. It was great to see the interest in this topic and to be of assistance as a ‘Jedi’. I am looking forward to the follow-up sessions where we will dive deeper into the challenge to fully support the teams in creating their solutions.”

This challenge support Sustainability goal 12 of the United Nations. Read more about CC and sustainability: CC and Sustainability

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