3,500 vehicle miles saved with a sustainable collaboration

CC Container truck

Within our depot network, we have positioned depots throughout Europe. This ensures that there is always a Depot near your location, which reduces the need for transport and makes the supply chain as sustainable as possible. But what if you, as a customer, have an even more sustainable solution?

This is what our customers Homebase and B&Q thought. Both customers have their operation in Swindon, 87 miles away from our Depot in Bedford. 

B&Q had a positive balance with us and needed CC Containers, while Homebase wanted to return CC Containers at the same time.In theory, both organisations needed to organise transport to our Depot location in Bedford to arrange their exchange. But instead of using our Depot as an exchange locations, they managed to organise their exchange in Swindon themselves.

10 full loads moved in total which saved 20 separate vehicle trips to CC depot and a round trip of 175 miles x 20 trips = 3,500 vehicle miles saved.

Want to know what else we do in the context of sustainability? Or would you like us to think along with you about sustainable transport options?

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