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CC celebrates 20 years of cooperation with Almeria depot: Read the interview here!

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How many years have you been working with Container Centralen?

We have already been working with CC for about 20 years. We started in 2001 by implanting the first padlocks and we have seen a constant evolution to give the customer the best solutions to their demands.


What market changes have you experienced and would you like to share with us?

Horticulture and the ornamental plant market are constantly growing. More and more people perceive the idea of ​​having more green areas and plants in the houses. This also makes both producers and customers more demanding in their quality requirements and we have to have a constant improvement in logistics.


From non-popular to “Horticultural Star”: How started the evolution of the CC Container bases?

Due to our long experience with CC Containers we have seen how they have become an indispensable Item for the transport of ornamental plants. Their easy handling and adaptability to all kinds of plants make them incredibly useful. In addition, the great CC service with international depot network makes their the CC Container the perfect transportation vehicle.


What do you like about CC and what do you expect for the future?

What we like the most is that since we joined the great CC family, we have seen a desire and constant evolution to stay at the forefront of its sector. These is also how we like to work and we hope in the future to continue improving together and offering the best possible service.

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