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The next step in scanning solutions

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Scanning is key

Container Centralen (CC) has selected the services of scanning experts Lyngsoe A/S to advise on the delivery of new generation RFID scanners that work with the CC4scanner App. Lyngsoe A/S provides full support, from choosing the right scanner through to installation and after sales support via their service packages.

Protecting the CC pool together. 

Large organisations across Europe are increasing their checking activities to ensure the authenticity of the CC Container in their supply chains. The CC Pool is based on the joint investment of all pool participants and the responsible cooperation and support of all parties. One component for protecting the CC pool is the CC label – the CC TAG5. CC has been using RFID technology since 2011 to increase the security of the CC label.

Unfortunately, there are some fake CC TAG5’s in circulation, but so far only external features have been copied, the RFID tag inside the label has never been copied and remains the effective security feature of the CC system. It is in the interest of all users and pool participants that only containers with genuine CC TAG5 are passed on in the CC pool, because a container with a fake label will disrupt processes. An RFID reader is required to check the authenticity of the labels, however there is no obligation to scan the labels.

Want to take the next step?

We can only take the next step together. We would like to invite you to join us. On our website you will find useful video tutorials and a Q&A which includes information about scanning and recognizing fake labels. Please take a look!

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