17 parties building a greener world

In 2015, ALDI and Container Centralen (CC) entered into a sustainable partnership based on their sustainable vision. ALDI and CC are currently working together with 15 plant and flower suppliers on one goal: to further reduce the CO₂ impact of the supply chain of ornamental plant products at ALDI shops.

The plant trolleys that CC makes available to suppliers are the standard transport items for the supply chain of plants and flowers at ALDI. CC collects the trolleys – which return from the shops as empty items – from the ALDI distribution centres in full loads.

These stacks of trolleys are then stored in 2 CC depots. The trolleys remain in storage at these depots until ALDI’s suppliers need them again.

Bundling the return flows on the one hand, and dismantling and re-stacking the trolleys on the other (compacting) ensures that this method has reduced the CO₂ impact by 75%.

Katrien Haenebalcke (Key Account Manager – CC): “We evolved to a very efficient and sustainable working method in a very short time. We are extremely proud of the result so far. But we will continue. ALDI and CC are in constant dialogue about further sustainability. The earth belongs to everyone. Let’s take care of it together.

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