Our French team in the spotlight

Our French team in the spotlight!

Our French market is supported by Key Account Manager Eric Lienart and Account Coordinators Arame Alessandri and Asmae Ramdani. Every day they do everything to support the French speaking market. We spoke with Eric and Arame about how they do this every day with a lot of passion and dedication.

1. What is your function and what are your daily hussels?

Eric: Key Account Manager, I like to know more about and share with CC customers in order to help them solve and answer their needs and demand.

Arame: As Account coordinator my daily tasks are:
– Coordinating and administrating
– Customer Relationship Management
– Availability planning
– Back-office administration
– Disputes and bankruptcy handling

2. What makes working in CC so enjoyable?

Eric: Working for CC is a daily challenge within a building team spirit. I like to get involved in different projects, different tasks and teams to achieve the CC services and targets.

Arame: The autonomy in my work makes CC pleasant to work for. Also, the friendly environment in the office.

3. How do you personally ensure good cooperation within the French team?

Eric: We speak on a daily basis, I try to listen as much as possible to their thoughts and the way they see solutions and process to serve CC customers.

Arame: I ensure good cooperation within the French team by having daily communication with my colleagues.

4. What qualities of your team(s) do you value?

Eric: There are so many ways every day to find the right answer, to communicate between us and with our customers that I value their adaptability and creativity.

Arame: The qualities of my team that I value are everyone wants to satisfy the customer by performing professional work.

5. What have you learned from working from home?

Eric: Working from home has taught me to find a good balance between reflection and action. I also discovered another way of organizing daily, weekly and monthly tasks. I could also start to talk and know better some colleagues.
Arame: Remote work taught me that we can work, meet, and know people without meeting them physically. Also, digital tools allow us to stay connected and work like in the office.

6. What event in CC has always stuck in your mind?

Eric: A part from the Sales meeting which are a great moment for sharing, learning from others and always improve our motivation, I find two amazing time with CC: summer and X-mas party ! These are a kind of cherry on the cake for celebrating the CC positive spirit and a perfect good time for sharing more on a personal mood.

7. What motivates you every day?

Eric: Working for CC gives everyday new challenges, new ideas and aspect of our targets, and makes some difficulties turning into learning and adjustment of my working way.

Arame: what motivates me daily are to relate to people who I work with. To help each other in a team to grow.

8. What does your ideal workday look like?

Eric: Well, start sharing with my team and colleagues, prepare my customer’s meeting, work on specific request or project, internal or external, go and meet customers in the field, have a drink with friends after a long stroll in the vineyard with my dog.

Arame: My ideal working day is when I managed to process all customers’ requests and improving customer satisfaction. Also, when I am proud of what I have achieved in the day.

9. What is your team’s achievement that you are proud of?

To be recognized by customers as constantly trying to answer the best way to improve their business life.

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