As part of a large manufacturer of cuttings and starter materials, Palki from Guatemala, the Lier-based company PlantasGT is delighted to be using the Trade Services provided by Container Centralen. “The collaboration in this pool is a genuine step forwards for us and our business operation, and has provided added value in various areas”, says director Eric Stolze. “We have benefited on a whole range of levels.”

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Gert Snel: “Always room for improvement”

At Snel Logistic Solutions they are good at what they do, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a reason why this Belgian company with branches in Deinze, Ham and the Dutch town of Weert was awarded transporter of the year twice in a row. With 60,000 m² warehouses, more than 200 lorries on the road and around 340 employees, innovation and sustainable development are at the forefront of this family-run business. Or, in the words of CEO Gert Snel: ‘Even if it means turning our lorries upside down, as long as it works, I’m all for it!’

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For more than a hundred years, Euroveiling has been the top auction house for carefully grown flowers and plants from Belgium. Innovative, competitive and with sustainable business practices. Every day, these wonderful products from Belgian growers find their way to buyers and ultimately to satisfied consumers through the cooperative. Euroveiling is an important, almost indispensable link in this chain. As commercial director, Sim Echelpoels points out: ‘We are the driving force behind exclusive and carefully grown Belgian products from the ornamental plant market. And we are proud of that!’

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Dehner Logistik

As the largest garden centre group in Europe, the family-owned company Dehner stands for first-class quality. Based in Rain am Lech, Bavaria, the company employs more than 5,500 people and operates 132 garden centres at locations in Germany and Austria. The product range includes everything a gardener's heart desires: from plants and bird feeders to the smallest hose coupling. In addition to the garden paradise "Blumenpark", the group of companies also includes Dehner Agrar GmbH & Co. KG and Dehner Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. We took a closer look at the latter together with Ludwig Schuhmann, Head of Logistics Green & Recycling at Dehner Logistik.

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Tom Buysse

Nothing makes Tom Buysse happier than to see his own azaleas in the customer's shopping trolley in a garden centre. Seeing the azaleas, grown with care and attention by his company, on their way to a new owner. Colourful, long flowering and air purifying, the plant is an asset to any interior!

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But you don’t become a world leader in breeding and reproducing chrysanthemums by chance. It takes a great deal of dedication, expertise, specialisation and energy. In order to offer growers consistent high quality, you have to enjoy what you do, each and every day. As CEO Elien Pieters from Gediflora says: ‘Enthusiasm is a vital competency in our company!’

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Farplants Group

If there is one country which loves all things green and blossoming, it is the United Kingdom. Fertile ground, therefore, for a supplier like Farplants. The company makes good use of Container Centralen’s products and services, such as trolleys, shelves and the data matrix code on the container tags. Operations Director Simon Hawtin explains.

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Alex Andersen

Alex Andersen Ølund A/S is one of the biggest Scandinavian transport companies for plants and flowers. The family-run business operates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and several other European countries. It’s also the main service provider for Container Centralen in Scandinavia. For many years, ‘AA’ and ‘CC’ have had a close relationship. And recently, that bond has – literally – become even closer.

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Jan Arts transport services

Of a certain age, but completely modern: Jan Arts Transport Services, in Holland’s southerly region of De Peel, celebrates its 90th birthday in 2019. At its core, it still is a truly family business. And it has happily worked with Container Centralen for some thirty years: “It all runs smoothly, so we are only in touch a few times per year, at the most. But that’s always very pleasant.”

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