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20 years of close cooperation with CaporalPlant

1. Introduction to CaporalPlant, the company, what it does, in what areas and for how long.
We were founded in the south of Italy, in Canosa di Puglia, a small town in the foothills of the Alta Murgia National Park… back in 1956. We offer a very wide variety of plants in different shapes and sizes such as specimen plants, bushes, pyramids and saplings in an area of 120 hectares, including greenhouses and open field cultivations.

2.How long have you been collaborating with CC and how did this collaboration begin?
20 years of close cooperation and constant growth in a spirit of mutual trust.

3.What are the benefits of using the CC trolley for your business?
Logistics move the beauty we produce, but for this to go smoothly, we need the right tools and reliable partners. Consistent customer care is very important for our company.

4. What additional support would you like to receive from CC for your future work projects?

Continued cooperation could offer us better contractual conditions…

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