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Stacking bases with posts

Stacking CC TAG5 bases with posts

The new design of the CC TAG5 has caused concern in the market. Some customers have shared specific problems with us that we were able to investigate. If you have a specific case, please share with us a full description of the problem and situation, and if possible, with pictures or a video.

One issue we came across, is that with the CC TAG5 it has become more important to stack bases with posts in a correct manner. When stacking the bases with the posts, please make sure all CC labels are faced on the opposite side of where the posts are protruding from the base. This way the stack can be scanned and counted more easily, and is safer during movements as well.

Stack 8 posts on the bottom base protruding from the non-tagged side. Stack 4 posts on the following bases protruding from the non-tagged side. Do not stack posts on the top base.

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