CC Poolmanagement overview

Pool Management Services

The solution to your logistical challenges

Pool Management Services is a logistical solution for all retail supply chains. With this service, Container Centralen offers a tailor-made solution to your logistical challenges. Pool Management means a fully managed pool where CC rents containers to a retailer’s supply chain.

CC works closely with suppliers and issues containers based on need and forecast. CC then works with the retailer to collect the empty containers and replenish the supplier’s balance. Pool Management is a 360-degree solution for containers. With Pool Management Services, Container Centralen ensures:

  • Your CC containers are always monitored
  • Empty CC containers are collected as quickly as possible
  • You save valuable time that you can spend on your products and customers.

What is a CC Pool ?

The CC pool is a pool where you share CC Containers with other pool participants in Europe. By sharing and taking CC Containers as needed, you make your supply chain more efficient, save costs and contribute to a more sustainable world.

When you use Pool Management Services, you enter a closed pool. Within a closed pool, there is 1 party, the pool operator, who owns the containers. This pool operator rents out the containers and gets them back after 1 round. There are two types of Pool Management Services: One Way Service and Collection Service Pool Management.

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We are very satisfied with the service provided by CC for the One Way Service. Equipment requested is always on time, enough availability in the pool and flexible in case of changes. The people and the system make sure that all flows are 100 % registered. The system used by CC is updated daily and always available for us as a client.

One Way Service vs. Collection Service

A One Way Service is a fully managed CC Container solution. CC provide the containers and manage the hand out’s with the suppliers and the container returns with the retailer. A 360 degree hassle free container solution, enabling the suppliers to concentrate on growing plants and the retailers to focus on selling products.

Would you rather manage your own CC Containers, but leave the return of your empty containers to CC? With the Collection Service you can leave the daily hassle of returning empty containers to Container Centralen! Once your products have reached their destination, CC takes responsibility for collecting your empty containers from your customer, transporting them to the nearest CC depot and crediting the balance to your CC account.


Customer experiences

Tesco supplier

“The service provided by Container Centralen for the Tesco One Way Service has been professional and efficient. We are a significant user of trolleys and Container Centralen have made available equipment for every request we have made. We provide Container Centralen with a plan of our future requirements but even if these change they have been able to respond. As long as we can recover our costs for the trip then this is the best system for handling trolleys for all parties involved”.

Tesco supplier

“Winchester Growers have used the CC One Way Service for 5 years and we have never had any availability issues for our CC Container orders. Through close communication and using forecast data CC ensure our trolley requirements are met. The service is very simple, when we need trolleys we ask CC and once they are despatched we have peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about trolley returns or losses”.