New label in 2019

Improving the quality of the CC shelves pool

The new label was introduced in January. What are the first experiences?


Addressing concerns about the new label.


Will the new design stand the test of time? The label was carefully designed and tested before it was issued; the chosen material is the same type of plastic that is used in the automotive industry for headlights. It is designed to withstand collisions, water and UV radiation, for a period of 10 to 15 years. Read more about the design process.

Car headlight and the CC TAG5

Returning RFID labels

Just like the red label, the CC TAG5 can get damaged. All return procedure stay in place; the form can be downloaded in the customer portal.

May old labels be removed?

The black labels and the old green label may be removed. The red label contains the repair information of the base, hence this label will be removed at the depots by CC.

CC TAG5: click it 4 times!

Participating in the pool

If you would like to participate in the CC Pool, you can register a CC base in the CC Pool for a 6 euro license fee, once this base fits the technical requirements of CC. An additional annual pool fee of 4,42 euro will be charged but, you can also register as many shelves per base as you need.

CC recommends registering five shelves for every base licenced, currently there is no cost for introducing shelves in to the CC Pool so it would only be the annual shelf pool fee of 0.98 euro per shelf to pay. Introducing shelves in to the CC Pool also helps to increase your shelf quota. For further details please contact Container Centralen.

New CC labels for your CC Containers

Therefore, we are asking you to please attach the new label on your CC Containers. We will send the number of labels that match the number of CC Containers you have under contract. The more CC Containers you have, the earlier we will send you the package.



Check your delivering details with your track and trace number: Tracking | UPS

If you don’t have a tracking number,
Contact us!  +44 (0)1322 294267


Why a new label?

Why a new label?

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool.With the change to a new label this will be corrected, so the costs of the pool are shared fairly again. A new label of course also rules out false labels.