Start of the new label: 7 January 2019


Participating in the pool

If you would like to participate in the CC Pool, you can register a CC base in the CC Pool for a 6 euro license fee, once this base fits the technical requirements of CC. An additional annual pool fee of 4,42 euro will be charged but, you can also register as many shelves per base as you need.

CC recommends registering five shelves for every base licenced, currently there is no cost for introducing shelves in to the CC Pool so it would only be the annual shelf pool fee of 0.98 euro per shelf to pay. Introducing shelves in to the CC Pool also helps to increase your shelf quota. For further details please contact Container Centralen.

New CC labels for your CC Containers

Therefore, we are asking you to please attach the new label on your CC Containers. We will send the number of labels that match the number of CC Containers you have under contract. The more CC Containers you have, the earlier we will send you the package.


Check your delivering details with your track and trace number: Tracking | UPS

If you don’t have a tracking number,
Contact us!  +44 (0)1322 294267

Packaging details

How can you prepare for the new label?

In preparation, make sure you settle your balances with your customers and suppliers as much as possible by handing over containers. In this way everybody has the right number of CC Containers available to mount the new labels on. If it’s not practical to settle all balances, you can make arrangements with your customer or suppliers to pass on labels instead.

3 steps of how to place the new label

Pick up your CC Containers!

Do you have a positive balance of CC Containers with us? If so we advise you to collect your CC Containers with the old red label at one of our depots. If you still have a positive balance of CC Containers at a CC Depot on the 4th of January, 18:00, this positive balance will be frozen. You won’t be able to collect the CC Containers anymore, nor use them in any online transaction. After the 4th of January there are two options to release your balance:

  1. Return the corresponding number of labels by registered post to Container Centralen, preferably in the original packaging. If the labels are received in good order your balance will be released. Please take into account a few days of processing time after we receive the labels. Please add the RFID return form that can be found here: RFID tag return form [PDF]
  2. Enter a supplementary Pool Participation Contract with CC and indicate that it is for your CC Containers on balance with CC. You will not receive CC TAG5 labels by post, but can collect labeled containers from a CC depot.

As of the 7th of January we will only hand out CC Containers with the new label CC TAG5.

Why a new label?

Why a new label?

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool.With the change to a new label this will be corrected, so the costs of the pool are shared fairly again. A new label of course also rules out false labels.

Scanner information

Scanner information for companies currently using scanners.

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