CC will issue new labels for the CC Container: CC TAG5.

Since 2011 CC Containers that are a legitimate part of the pool, are marked with a red label. To keep the pool system fair, we are going to change the label in January 2019 to a new one.

Start of the new label: 7 January 2019

Why a new label?

Why a new label?

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool.With the change to a new label this will be corrected, so the costs of the pool are shared fairly again. A new label of course also rules out false labels.

Are you using CC Containers in the CC Pool?

Please check your customer data (contact person, delivery address and number of CC Containers) with us, so we can make the change go smoothly. We will keep you posted by email, so keep an eye on your inbox and make sure you don’t miss out on information important to you!


The CC Pool needs your help!

We have 3.5 million containers in rotation, of which only a limited number pass a CC depot during a year. That means we need to work together to make the label change happen. Therefore, we are asking you to please attach the new label on your CC Containers. We will send the number of labels that match the number of CC Containers you have under contract. The more CC Containers you have, the earlier we will send you the package.

How can you prepare for the new label?

In preparation, make sure you settle your balances with your customers and suppliers as much as possible by handing over containers. In this way everybody has the right number of CC Containers available to mount the new labels on. If it’s not practical to settle all balances, you can make arrangements with your customer or suppliers to pass on labels instead.

Packaging details