Meet Florencia Sassone

we are a team working at CC sales department

How and when your professional adventure started with CC? I have started in CC in October 2007 as financial controller, when the new subsidiary CCItalia had been created.

You make a great contribution to the development of the Market in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Would you like to share your professional journey with us?  It has been an adventure, hhhaha so many challenges among the years with all the changes and the RFID introduction. Actually, I have grown with the company, it has been a learning process also from a personal point of view not only professional. When you prepare a strategy, the theory is the easiest part but then the operational part is never as expected,  that is also the funny part be ready to adapt, to perceive what needs to be adjusted. So first I started as financial controller, but in the local offices we had to cover all the tasks especially during the season, besides the depots were managed locally too, monitored by HQ. The balance we used to have completely changed with the RFID introduction. Another big change has been the centralization in HDD, an amazing experience to move to NL to support with the organization of the new office and the training of all new colleagues.  

What do you like the most about working at CC?  It is a dynamic company, operating in a very special market, you would never imagine the horticultural business until you do not work in it. CC trusts its employees, gives the chance to grow- with the company, the easy going and friendly environment in the office makes a big difference. We are CC.

Can you tell us a little bit about your team and how do you all coordinate the work together on a distance?  The southern culture is quite warm, we like to feel comfortable when working together, to have a bright spirit in the team. The distance for us, working from abroad, is not a big issue, since we are used to it, Covid or non Covid, we always used to be connected  via teams or Skype. For the last two years we have a daily call in the morning with the team, kind of good morning ritual to share the plans for the day. Then of course we arrange other calls for specific topics. But for sure it is mandatory to keep up the good spirit!

Your expectation for a future vision of the horticultural sector in the southern Europe. Growth and sustainability are the key words, it has been the trend for the last at least 5 years, and will continue, especially after these two years with Covid and climate changes, we are becoming greener and more conscious about our planet and what we eat, and the horticultural market has an important role.