Ben started in the first week of March this year, the first to be put in this role in the UK which is something he does not take lightly and recognize as a fantastic opportunity given by CC. Ben: “Of course, there are many facets to my job but I will be focusing on supporting and advising suppliers, customers, and the like, in to keeping the CC standards, and expectations at a consistent level here in the UK which can be parallel to our counterparts across all of Europe.” 

1. What is your role and what challenges do you face?

“My official role title is QC and Training operator and there is a long list of challenges!

But I think my main challenge is to make the process of our material become more efficient and that will come by changing people’s mindset on how that can be achieved.

Taking that all into account, I am positive I can make a difference!”

2. What experiences will you bring to CC?

“My background is in training and in a fast-paced environment, so being on shopfloors supporting and directing people how to do a task does not phase me.

I think building relationships and the communication around that will be key, I can certainly bring that to the table from past experiences.”

colleague Ben Champan UK

4. What struck you during your first working week?

My first few days were spent in Hoofddorp so meeting you guys and seeing how friendly and helpful you all are definetly struck me first off!

Going on from that, I guess seeing the different depots, sizes and how they work are all very different, it certainly opened my eyes to my job as a whole.

5. What is the best advice you have ever received and would like to give to someone else?

I think it’s simple advice really and I get told it a lot and its just to be yourself and make your own decisions.

I think nowadays to many people are easily influenced to be and to follow what others believe and the way they behave but I believe in being your own person.

Even making mistakes because of that will mean more to you by being able to learn from them.