Meet Anna Rosinska

Transport department colleague one team

What is your job within Container Centralen? I work as Contract Coordinator in Transport Department 

What do you like about your job? I like a little bit of everything — the planning, the communication with vendors, autonomy, the challenge.  I also love the company culture and the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues.

What experience did you bring to Container Centralen? A non-stop, can-do attitude, teamwork, great communication skills and negotiation skills.

Why did you choose for Container Centralen? From the day I had my interview, I felt like I belong here. CC is a multicultural company where you are part of the team from the start. You are being listened to and you get a chance to grow. After 10 years I am still here and feel the same. I also found the alignment between my personal and company values.

What are your hobbies outside work? I like to stay active, love to travel, see new places and learn about different cultures. I love dancing, hiking, and cooking. I also like to relax and watch a good movie or read a book. Not to mention shopping …

What can we wake you up for at night? Ice cream and a party 😊 But seriously in case someone has a problem and needs support

What are you proud of? My 2,5-year-old daughter.

What makes you happy (at work)? The fact that I feel that I have a purpose here. I love the challenge and when the problem gets solved, when we find best solutions, it makes me happy. The fact that I can freely share ideas and get constructive feedback is a great feeling.

How do you drink your coffee? I drink my coffee with milk and no sugar. It needs to be hot and served in a very big mug.

What are you thought on working at home during the pandemic? I really missed face to face contact with my colleagues but thankfully we are living in the times that we can stay connected anyway. First few months were maybe challenging but right now I got used to it.