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On this page you'll find updated information about all our depots around Europe for holidays.

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Exceptional holidays/closing days 2021


  • The Depot location in Lisbon will be closed on November the 11th for bank holiday. 


  • Aalsmeer en Naaldwijk Are closed 23th  December till 2nd  January 2021
  •  Hazerswoude Is closed 24th and 31st  December (after 12:00 PM)

General rules for the following countries (all year long):


  • Adjusted way of working for depot UK-12 Bedford:
    1. Create a booking in LogLink or contact CSC for a transaction number
    2. Fill in the request form to make an appointment: depot Bedford request
  • Other depots: normal working hours and procedure


  • Some Langard Depots have adjusted opening hours due to Covid-19 (from 10 to 12) please check website Landgard and do not hesitate to contact our DACH desk to receive assistance about latest updates. 


  • Normal working hours and procedures.
  • Please make sure you always have a reservation registered at least 24 hours in advance before reaching any Depot.
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