CC member of staff presenting a CC Dolly

Vienna Visser

Pool manager

Working at the central office of Container Centralen is a lot of fun, because you get a lot of freedom. If you believe things can be improved, you can simply suggest this.

Naturally, you get to know your own team pretty well, because you work closely together, but you also get to meet many other people. Especially during our lunch, where everybody socialises with each other and you meet so many colleagues with different nationalities and background.

Whenever friends ask me where I work, I have to explain what we do. I tell them I manage the pool of Rolly’s and Dolly’s for the Dutch retailers, people are very impressed. It is a lot of responsibility and it feels really good to be trusted with that. Our team is very supportive of one another, we help each other out when needed. That’s why it feels like I’ve been here forever, when it has only been a little over a year.