Trading on CC Containers


Container Centralen (CC) takes care of the balance administration of CC Containers for purchases from various platforms and companies. You trade with them, the transport of your purchase takes place on our CC Containers. We will inform you about what you still owe in CC Containers, or what you still have to return.

Affiliated companies

Balance statement

Every week we send your company an overview of your transactions and your current CC Container balance sheet. Did you not receive this “Balance Statement”? Please let us know. Explanation:

Explanation balance statement [PDF]

We also offer you the possibility to get daily insight into your balance sheet! By receiving a daily overview of your transactions in XML-format, you can import this file into your Avalanche system and easily update your balance sheet administration yourself. Would you like to receive this XML file on a daily basis? Please let us know!


You can also view your balance sheet in CC LogLink. If you do not have a login yet, please contact us. You can also check your balance here.

​Go to LogLink [page]

Positive balance

Do you have a positive balance and do you have CC Containers from us?

Then you can:

  • Book a collection at one of our depots in Europe in LogLink.
  • Have your credit transferred to your FloraHolland number. Please contact us for this

Negative balance

Do you have a negative balance and do we owe you CC Containers?

Then you can:

  • Book a return at one of our depots in Europe in LogLink. After return, the returned quantity will be deducted from your balance.
  • Transfer your credit from your FloraHolland number to us. Use the number 55966 to do so. Your transfer will be settled with your balance once a day.

CC Pooling system

Our CC trolleys are part of the CC pool system, the largest pool system for reusable transport items (RTIs). With an extensive network of depots, CC ensures that you can collect and deliver your Danish trolleys wherever and whenever you want. This reduces your transport costs and increases your flexibility. In addition, this way we contribute together to a sustainable future in which we share the use of CC Danish trolleys.

PlantasGT - Erik

“The collaboration in this pool is a genuine step forwards for us and our business operation, and has provided added value in various areas” – Eric Stolze

As part of a large manufacturer of cuttings and starter materials, Palki from Guatemala, the Lier-based company PlantasGT is delighted to be using the Trade Services provided by Container Centralen. Read the full story here!


For questions and further support, please contact us:

Bart Kooij via or call 023 – 55 44 020 (selection menu 1)

Note: FloraHolland number 55966