Lower your CO2 footprint ....

A sustainable idea!

> Your product in a sustainable display

> On a reusable load carrier

> Combined with a smart return flow and logistics!

Doing business SUSTAINABLY?

The dollies from Container Centralen, together with the displays from Elwe and your product, form a stable and sustainable whole. We work together with many parties so that we can organise a supply chain that is precisely aligned to your customers. And we always critically examine the steps we are taking within that chain. Reducing their number and, for example, ensuring very efficient and smart loading of lorries make it possible for us to reduce our footprint in various ways – as well as yours!

Your product

  • Seasonal products
  • Promotional items
  • Food & beverages
  • Non food

To ensure that your fast moving consumer goods also remain really fast moving, good logistics and a strong representation in the store with Point Of Sale (POS) material are indispensable. How do you organise the production and logistics around these elements in a sustainable way, without losing your speed?

Sustainable display

• 70% FSC approved cardboard from responsibly managed forests
• Cardboard protective hood instead of plastic wrap during transport
• Additional offsetting by replanting trees
• No processing of plastic, wood or other material; displays are 100% recyclable after use

Your products receive the attention they deserve in a sustainable display. Ewald Elfrink from display builder Elwe continues: ‘I see it as my responsibility to leave the world in at least as good condition as I found it. If only for my own children. I raise them to have respect for people and nature, and it would not be credible if I didn’t exhibit the same qualities in my company. I very much believe in the stability of relationships. If you invest in someone else, you always get it back in one way or another.”


Ewald Elfrink
Display consultant
Tel. 053 – 574 55 36


Jeroen van Beek
Key Account Manager
Tel. 06 18 192 862

Emiel van Grinsven
Sales manager
Tel. 0235 544 811 / 06 20 746 035

Reusable dolly

• Robust, reusable load carrier in quarter pallet format with many years of service life
• Perfectly optimised underlying inventory system, which ensures an efficient supply chain
• A broken load carrier is repaired – recycling follows at the end of its life
• Stackable for optimum return logistics

An effectively optimised pool management system for reusable load carriers enables you to arrange logistics efficiently and sustainably. The reusable CC Dolly is a standard item in retail. This sturdy and robust CC Dolly has proven its lasting value for more than twenty years and is virtually unbreakable. And should it breakdown at any time, CC naturally ensures recyclable processing of the remains. The empty CC Dolly’s may be stacked in batches of 12 to ensure efficient transport and storage.


Let’s share sustainability!

Container Centralen collaborated with Elwe at the end of last year and together they came up with a Sustainable Dolly & Display. Container Centralens Dolly’s combined with the displays from Elwe are a sustainable and secure point of sale solution. To make the market aware of this sustainable solution, Container Centralen delivered twenty displays to selected companies at the end of 2019. In addition to being produced CO2 neutral, the displays were filled with oxygen, plants and CO2 purifiers that could be distributed to the entire company. The displays were positively received and brought extra awareness to sustainability within the market. Are you curious what the customers said? Read the comments →


Sustainable Display Dolly is a joint campaign by Container Centralen Benelux B.V. and Elwe Special Promotions B.V., supported by Royal Lemkes B.V.