Supply Chain Disruption Measures

We have never experienced a supply chain crisis like the one we are currently facing in the more than 40 years of our existence.

The initial supply chain delay was 8 weeks. Together with our colleagues and partners, we did everything in our power to overcome this delay. By increasing the capacity and investing money in alternative transportation, we managed to reduce the delay to 5 weeks. Due to the Ukraine war situation we don’t expect that we will be able to catch up more.

We will take you through to the main measures we have taken to ensure that it affects you (our customer) as little as possible:

  • Ordered the spare parts on time including 3 months extra delivery time.
  • Increased our transport capacity from China by not only transporting by sea but also by railway and trucks.
  • Substantially enlarge the manufacturing and repair capacity at our partners.
  • Increased the number of work shifts by extra recruitment of 250 workers from Ukraine (incl. housing and facilities).
  • Additional transport partners recruited to get CC material from our repair locations to our regional depots.
  • Expanding the workhours in our regional depots to handle more equipment in a shorter time frame.

We are grateful to all those who supported us in this situation.