Repair Quota Update
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Quota percentage
The repair quota year starts on the first day of March 2018 and ends on the last day of February 2019. The quota percentage on CC Container shelves for the 2018 repair volume is 40%. This quota percentage is applicable for all active Pool Fee Agreements and for the Fixed Term Contracts (One Year Hire or Season Hire) for which the majority of days will be in the 2018 Repair Quota Year. Read more in this leaflet.

Quality check 
Shelves and other transport items represent a value. Functional shelves within the CC Pool are an essential part of its added value. If you would like to check the quality of the material you have received, the criteria used for functional and non-functional (broken) shelves in the pool can be found in the Customer portal.

CC Depots
If you want to collect, exchange or return CC Container items in one of our CC Depots in Europe, please register your request at least 24 hours before your planned visit via our online tool CC LogLink. With your 24 hour notice we can make sure the requested CC Container items are checked and made ready for you.

Please note that CC can only accept sorted stacks. Functional and non-functional can be handed in at the same time, but must be stacked separately.

No Access to Loglink yet?
You can do your own bookings through our web portal CC LogLink. If you do not have an account please request one via Our team will make sure that you can benefit from the convenience of CC LogLink in no time.

How much repair volume do I have? 
CC LogLink can provide you with different types of reporting in order to stay on top of the use of your CC Container items, e.g. your repair volume. If you foresee that additional repair volume is needed, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options.
Sample report:


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