Ready for 2020

Ready for 2020


With the new season approaching we want to make sure you have everything in place, please see below a small checklist.   

CC Container Checklist 

  • Do you have enough CC Containers (bases, posts or shelves) to cover the season? Please contact CC Customer Services as soon as possible if you think you might need to order additional material.
  • Your current shelf repair quota will expire on 29/2/2020. If you would like to chcek your repair quota please go to LogLink. If you don’t have a log in yet, please send a request to
  • If you have spare shelf repair quota then please use it before the end of February 2020 by handing in your non-functional shelves for repair at a CC depot, or please transfer your spare quota to a trading partner before this date. Please find the instruction video below.
  • Do you have non-functional shelves but no repair quota left? If so we recommend taking action now through one or more of the following: 
    – Request unused repair quota from trading partners
    – Licence your own shelves into the CC pool (ask CC Customer Services about the special offer!) and get the benefit of the matching quota
    – Take out a One Year Hire or Seasonal Hire contract (shelves and bases or a shelf only contract) and get the benefit of the matching quota 

Please note: we expect a peak in repair requests after 1 March 2020 which might mean your repair booking date is later than you may have expected.

Shelf Repair Quota – what is it?   

The shelf repair quota is the percentage of shelves you have under contract that you can hand in for repair in the quota year (1 March to the end of February). The quota percentage on CC Container shelves for the 2020 Repair Quota Year (1/3/2020-28/2/2021) is 20%, as it was in the last quota year. 

This means if you have one hundred shelves under contract for a full year, the repair of twenty shelves is included in our service. For One Year Hire and Season Hire contracts the quota is valid for the contract period.

Did you know you can exchange broken CC TAG5 labels?

1. Print and fill in the form: RFID return form (English) [PDF]
2. Pack the form together with the label(s). To exchange a broken label, at least 60% of the label should be handed in.
3. Send to the address mentioned on the form (RFID department of Container Centralen). If you send in broken labels for exchange, the new labels will be send to you.
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