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CC Rolly

(Also available for Poland)

CC Rolly

(Also available for Poland)

    The CC Rolly is a rolling half pallet with the same internal dimensions as a half Euro Pallet, which enables simplified logistics planning. The CC Rolly is developed especially for transporting modular packaging. With everything moving on wheels, handling the CC Rolly is very easy. Your products can be rolled effortlessly from the store room to the shop floor by one person, with no need for lifting equipment.

    - Can carry two stacks of 600 x 400 mm plastic crates, e.g. CC Eurocrates or CC Freshboxes, or other equivalent European modules.
    - The smooth rounded corners provide safety in use and make it easy to position.
    - A specially designed pocket means the CC Rolly stacks easily and safely, which ensures an efficient returns flow.
    - The CC Rolly is also available with low noise wheels. The CC ‘Low Noise Rolly’ fulfils the PIEK criteria* enabling quiet night-time deliveries.

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