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CC Euro Dolly

(quarter pallet)

CC Euro Dolly

(quarter pallet)

    The CC Euro Dolly is a quarter pallet designed to make product handling easier. The wheeled unit ensures products can move efficiently in the supply chain right up to the point of sale at the retailer, saving time and reducing costs. Two RFID-tags incorporated in the deck and two bar code labels attached to the sides mean the CC Euro Dolly is equipped and ready to support the demands of the future.

    - Works with all other transport items of European standard dimensions.
    - Ergonomically designed for safe and easy handling.
    - Suitable for mechanical handling. Can be handled from all sides with a pallet or fork lift truck.
    - Developed for transporting modular packaging – crates (perfect for the CC Freshbox and CC Eurocrate), cardboard boxes and trays for bottled drinks etc

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