Meet Patrizia D'Aloe

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What is your job within Container Centralen? I work as Training and Communication Coordinator for the Marketing Team.

What do you like about your job? I like pretty much many aspects of my job, the first one is the wide scope of different activities I do. From Digital communication to content and video creation, training and event organization. I feel very happy to work on all these interesting activities! Something else I like is the interaction with many colleagues and departments: this makes me feel an active part of the engine or the better called “CC Family”.  

What experience did you bring to Container Centralen? I worked for many years with customers, so when I joined CC, almost 6 years ago, I brought my customer experience knowledge. Something else is related to my Italian and Spanish language skills, knowing these Latin languages supported me joining the CC South European region! And again, most important I brought my positive attitude and my enthusiasm to work in teams.  

Why did you choose Container Centralen? CC contacted me for an interview, and I immediately had a good impression when meeting the team and visiting the office. My colleagues looked friendly and happy to get to know me and the office environment made me feel at home. To me CC looked like a professional, stable and “open minded” company where I could grow, learn more, and bring my experiences and personality. It was a good match in the end 😊

What are your hobbies outside work? I like cinema history: I am one of those cinema lovers that you can easily spot in those artistic cinemas playing black and white movies. I also like documentaries and the video editing sounds fun to me! Travelling the world with my backpack and discovering new cultures is also something that makes me feel great. I also love cooking, biking and going for coffee with friends.

What can we wake you up for at night? For a guilty pleasure: some Tiramisu’.

What are you proud of? I like my international life experiences: I have lived in Norway, Spain, The Netherlands and of course in my beautiful home country, Italy. I have worked in different places, and studied in more than one country, being self-sufficient and learning about many cultures. Definitely, what also makes me proud is my hard-working ethic and my open minded approach to life.  

What makes you happy (at work)? I am very happy when I can make things happen in a good way and my colleagues are happy too because of the work we do together. I am also happy at CC because of the variety of opportunities that I have to grow professionally: here I found a place for myself to make a professional evolution together with my colleagues.

How do you drink your coffee? At home I like making my coffee with a traditional Italian Moka. It’s my favourite coffee which reminds me of home.

What are your thoughts on working at home during the pandemic? I miss the human contacts sometimes but on the other side I saw that the working from home gave me more time for myself. A balance of the two is maybe the perfect option.