The basic concept of the CC Pool System is the ability to freely exchange reusable transport items (RTIs) with other pool users. The CC Pool System is unique in that it unites diverse companies around a single transportation standard.

The CC Pool System is a simple but significant contributor to reducing delivery times and creating efficiencies at point of delivery. The transport item can also be used as a display item and simply wheeled in to position for in-store presentation.

Joining the CC Pool System is easy, just contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

Benefits of joining the CC Pool:

The CC Depot network is there to support your business, they provide a damage exchange service, Depot Transfer service and the depots are where you can access additional RTI’s to support your short or long term business needs.

The instant repair service enables customers to replace damaged items for functional ones. This service helps customers to protect the value of their investment.

The CC Transfer Service is an efficient way to “virtually move” empty containers and crates across Europe. Simply hand in the container at a CC Depot in one country and CC will hand out from another CC Depot in your country of choice.