Meet CC: Facility and Reception Team
reception we are a team working at CC
reception we are a team working at CC


Marielle and Lene: Office Assistant & Facility Coordinator



1. What do you like about your job? Marielle: The variety of my work, no day is the same!

2. What experience did you bring to Container Centralen? Marielle: I have worked as a facility manager, coordinator and Servicedesk employee at various companies. Therefore, I have experience at different levels within organizations, which makes it easy for me to be flexible.

3. Why did you choose for Container Centralen? Lene: I first came to a CC as a temporary worker, during that time one of the receptionists left and I applied for the job because I liked the atmosphere, colleagues, and for new experience.

4. What are your hobby’s outside work? Marielle: Traveling, (kick) boxing, running, reading, eating, spending time, and hanging out with my family and friends. Lene: Dance, piano, design, skiing, badminton.

5. What can we wake you up for at night? Marielle: Family, food, traveling so, waking me up and telling me that I will go on a culinary trip around the world with my loved ones!

Lene: Wake me up with the news that we are going on holiday.


6. What are you proud of? Lene: Finishing my HBO dance education.

7. What makes you happy (at work)? Marielle: Like I said the variety of my days as well as the people around me. Everyone is kind and friendly! And of course, lunch, I am always sad when it is over 😉

Lene: The lunches & and taking steps towards improvement

8. How do you drink your coffee? Marielle: Black in the morning, a nice cappuccino in the afternoon. Preferably accompanied by a stroopwafel.

Lene: Cappuccino

9. What are you thought on working at home during the pandemic? Marielle: I have not worked from home during this period, so I really would not know. There were days that it was so quiet at the office that I was afraid by the sound of the wind or a closing door, hahahaha. But it seems to me like working from home has been going well for everybody else.

Lene: During my time at CC I never worked from home. Sometimes Marielle and I were the only ones in the empty office.

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